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Design Services
An appropriate game plan is key to any successful project.

An appropriate game plan is key to any successful project.  Owner participation is necessary to establish goals, define problems and evaluate alternatives for a facility.  Also, key to the project is getting qualified subcontractors on board early in the process.  Key team members include the planner, design professional, engineer, project manager, estimator and, most importantly, the Owner or Owner’s representatives.  Our responsibility is to “mesh” the variables of space, quality, budget and time to ensure a proper balance of project objectives.

We develop a comprehensive package of design drawings and specifications which clearly describe the entire project.  Drawings show floor plans, room layouts, exterior elevations, site plan, electrical and mechanical plans and major construction details.

The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

Written specifications accompany drawings and clearly describe the quality and installation of exterior and interior materials, mechanical and electrical systems, structural systems and site improvements.  The goal is to completely describe the entire project through drawings and written specifications to ensure the Owner will know precisely the Scope of Work included in the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

The Owner has a clear understanding of the facility design, the scope of the proposal, the construction schedule and occupancy date, the quality of materials and the Guaranteed Maximum Price prior to signing the construction agreement.

The GMP package includes the following items:

  • Narrative Scope Descriptions
    • General Construction Specifications
    • Mechanical Scope
    • Electrical Scope
    • List of Subcontractors
    • Schedule
  • Preliminary Design Documents
    • Preliminary Design Specifications
    • Preliminary Design Drawings
    • Project Schedule
    • GMP Cost Estimate Summary
    • GMP Proposal
    • Design and Construction GMP Contract

A Hands-On Approach

Each project is overseen by the President and Founder of the company.  Once again, our goal is to be the best General Contractor in the region and we firmly believe that reputation is critical to the future success of our company.

Let’s Work Together.