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Working as Your Construction Manager

J.A. Street & Associates, Inc. is the General Contractor throughout the construction process and is responsible for single source accountability to the Owner.  We have a group of over 20 Field Superintendents from which we choose the one most qualified to be devoted specifically to a project.  This Field Superintendent will be on-site daily throughout the construction process.  The Field Superintendent’s responsibilities include daily supervision of subcontracted work as well as any self-performed work J.A. Street & Associates, Inc. will provide for the project.

J.A. Street & Associates, Inc. begins construction after the GMP package is reviewed and accepted by the Owner and a formal agreement is signed.  During this phase the engineering drawings, design drawings and written specifications are completed.

Each project is also assigned a Project Manager whose responsibilities include scheduling, coordinating subcontractors, resolving construction problems and ensuring the building is constructed with pre-set quality standards, is built within budget and on time.

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Each project is overseen by the President and Founder of the company.  Once again, our goal is to be the best General Contractor in the region and we firmly believe that reputation is critical to the future success of our company.