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Project Details

This project for Holston Medical Group involved site work and construction of a state-of-the-art multi-story medical office building which houses Out-Patient Surgical Facilities, Urgent Care Treatment, Family Medicine, Rehabilitation, Conference Areas, a Café and many other features. The site is also surrounded on two sides by other medical facilities that were occupied during the construction period and are still in use today.  The logistics of moving personnel, equipment and materials in and out of the jobsite was a challenge that was met early on.  A gated construction road with designated parking, material storage and laydown areas with entrance and exit designations helped move materials and personnel efficiently on the project and kept them away from the other medical facilities.   A second logistics hurdle was getting workers and material to the upper floors as needed.  In addition to a construction elevator, we were able to work with the elevator subcontractor to complete one of the elevators early in the project to help move personnel to upper floors.


Project Specs


Kingsport, Tennessee

Square Footage

247,000 sq ft


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